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Low viscosity and high strength silicone.

Low liquid viscosity, suitable for casting method. (Non-oil bleed type)

IS-CRN40 is a high-strength type silicone rubber that has the same level of low viscosity as general-purpose type and has very high mixing, stirring, defoaming and pouring workability.
The strength after curing is about 8 times the strength (tensile strength) of the general mold taking type. It can be used for figurines and crafts as well as complex mold making that has been difficult to remove.
In addition, the number of demolding is several times that of general mold-taking silicones (compared to our company), and the number of mold surfaces can be reduced even for large quantities.

The hardener is colored green so that stirring is easy to see. If the green pigment is precipitated, shake it lightly before use. [INNO SILICA]

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IS-CRN40 / H3G (main agent 1Kg / hardener 50g)

  • IS-CRN40 (main agent)

    IS-H3G (curing agent)Dangerous goods class Nothing Chemical name Silicone blend Catalysts Property Water-insoluble Precautions


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