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payment method

●Credit card [We will ship the product immediately after credit card usage is approved. ]

​ Diners cards are not supported.

●Bank transfer [The product will be shipped immediately after payment is confirmed. *Please pay the transfer fee. ]


●It will be calculated based on the delivery area and weight of the package in your shopping cart.

Date and time specification

●It's located at the bottom left of the shopping cart page.Add notesIf you click , you will be able to write in the notes section.

Date and time (■Morning ■12:00-14:00 ■16:00-18:00 ■18:00-20:00 ■19:00-21:00 ■20:00-21:00 ■Not desired)Please enter ​. *If this is not possible, we will contact you via email.

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