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Perfect for creating zombie or old wrinkles, Wrinkler gives the clay surface a naturally raised, wrinkled texture.

Simply pull the tip of the linker over a plastic sheet like a Ziploc or cellophane.

When pressed straight into clay, the Wrinkler can also be used as a larger pore texturing tool than a pore stamp.
Designed and produced by professional special makeup FX artists in Hollywood.

Flexible 3D printed resin material.
Please note that abusing this tool by using it on hard surfaces will shorten its lifespan.
Ideal for oil clays such as Chavant NSP in ziplock bags or plastic wrap.


Works at a special makeup studio based in Los Angeles.
He has been active as a clay sculptor and 3D modeler in a wide range of movies and TV dramas, and was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2015 for the TV drama ``The Knick.''
[Main participating works]
Aquaman I, Aquaman 2
army of the dead
Sweet Tooth: Boy with Deer Antlers

Skin texture tool/wrinkler (3 pieces)

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¥1,698Sale Price
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