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Translucent, condensed type, non-oil bleed type.

In the state where high-strength silicone vacuum defoaming is not used, bubbles remain, but the transparency is much better than our conventional products.

As for the workability, it is easy to pour with low to medium viscosity as in the conventional product, and after curing, the rubber hardness is 40 degrees and the tear strength is 22 KN / m, which is slightly lower than the conventional product, but it is a general condensation type (about 3 KN / There is sufficient strength compared with m).

Customers who make a reservation by July 4th will receive a coupon of the purchase number x 500 yen if they send their impressions by e-mail within half a year from the delivery date (listed on the delivery note) . (Pre-sale with bonus coupons has been closed on July 4)

* Free shipping on purchases of 12 sets or more.

KT-40 / CA-40 (main ingredient 1Kg / curing agent 40g)

¥2,760 Regular Price
¥2,710Sale Price
  • 冷暗所にて保存のうえ1年以内にご使用下さい。






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